Our products are plastic-free, and we believe in leaving a habitable environment for our children. We can customize the products as per the requirements of the clients.

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Who We Are?

Shashwat Bio PolyPlast LLP helps the environment and community. We’re protecting the environment while satisfying packaging market demands. Adaptable and skilled workers help us meet market demands with high-quality products.

We provide biodegradable and compostable carry bags and straws. This biobased, renewable product uses corn starch, sugarcane, and cassava. They can replace plastics in almost all applications. We have ISO 17088-compliant carry bags, supermarket bags, garment bags, industrial liners, bin liners, garment bags, and grocery rolls.

The Future Of Plastics

We guarantee that your meticulously crafted apparel will arrive at its final destination without incident and will have a positive effect on your business for years to come.

100% Biodegradable

provide only compostable and biodegradable packaging materials, including straws and bags.

Eco - Friendly

Using plant-based raw materials eliminates pollution, allowing plants to grow and making bioplastics eco-friendly.

Sustainable product

Bioplastic bags are a sustainable bioplastic that is made from renewable resources, and can replace plastics in almost all applications.

We Provide Biodegradable and Compostable Bag

Keeping in mind the packaging needs of the market, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that no damage is done to the environment. We have the ability to meet the demands of the market because of the diverse and skilled staff we employ.


The Bioplastic material will revolutionize the packaging industry as if it is safe for the environment and is available for all the forms of packaging.

Our Products

We make sustainable products. Our products are plastic-free, and we respect the environment for future generations. We customise merchandise for customers.

Carry Bags

Our compostable bags are used by restaurants, bakeries, and confectioneries. Our carry bags come in several sizes and are very useful and durable.

Grip Hole Bags

Carrying little items in grip-hole bags is healthy. Retailers utilize compostable grip-hole bags. We have a great shopping partner for you.

Garbage Bags

Greener trash trips. Great for household trash, office cleaning, and food and beverage waste. Our compostable bags benefit the environment.

Industrial Liners

Let's help the environment by using our industrial liners to make product packing a breeze. Industries can simply employ these for product packaging.

Garment Bags

These can be used to package textiles such as t-shirts, shirts, and other garments.Our garment bags are 100% Biodegradable and safe for the environment and garments too!

Nursery Bags

Make a small effort to help the environment by planting trees, and the world will be a better place to live in. These are beneficial to sapling plantings.

The right solution to protect the environment

Lets take a pledge together for sustaining our mother earth.

Try out our Products and see what you think!

Our biodegradable packaging replicates conventional plastic's beneficial attributes (durability, barrier properties, shelf stability) but is compostable.

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For decades we have been hearing the word sustainable when we speak about our foreseeable future, but we do really understand depth in all? In a time when plastic usage is being seen as a must but is also considered to be a hazard to the environment at an alarming stage, the suitable substitute has emerged. The Bioplastic material will revolutionize the packaging industry as if it is safe for the environment and is available for all the forms of packaging.