Our products are plastic-free, and we believe in leaving a habitable environment for our children. We can customize the products as per the requirements of the clients.

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Garbage Bags


Make your waste disposal journeys more pleasant and environmentally friendly. These are ideal for household waste disposal, business housekeeping, and waste management in the food and beverage industry.Our bags are a perfect blend of compostable as well as stable garbage bags for y’all to use and do your bit for the environment. Use our compostable garbage bags made up of corn starch and declutter the environment plus gets composed in little or no time.

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Make your trips to the garbage disposal environment friendly and comfortable. These are perfect for domestic use such as garbage disposal, corporates for housekeeping and the F&B industry for waste management.

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For decades we have been hearing the word sustainable when we speak about our foreseeable future, but we do really understand depth in all? In a time when plastic usage is being seen as a must but is also considered to be a hazard to the environment at an alarming stage, the suitable substitute has emerged. The Bioplastic material will revolutionize the packaging industry as if it is safe for the environment and is available for all the forms of packaging.