100% Compostable Products


We shall strive to provide 100% compostable products, that will suffice the needs of the packaging industry and create a possibility for a Sustainable future.

Plastic bags to Bio plastic


To bring about a change from all conventional one-time used plastics to bioplastics for a cleaner and greener environment.

About Us

For decades we have been hearing the word “Sustainable” when we speak about our foreseeable Future, but do we really understand the term in depth at all? The generic meaning of “Sustainable” is – causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time. We as humans are required to understand the philosophy that goes behind holding on to a concept that determines the future of our species as a whole.

This concept has come at somewhat a delicate but an important time when we as humans have understood the repercussions of using plastic in every form of packaging. In a time when plastic usage is being seen as a must but is also considered to be a hazard to the environment at an alarming stage, the suitable substitute has emerged. Bio plastics will revolutionize the packaging industry as it is safe for the environment and is available for all forms of packaging.

Shashwat Bio PolyPlast LLP has taken the mantle of ensuring that the environment is unharmed keeping in mind the demands of the market with respect to packaging. With a team of versatile and experienced professionals, we are able to provide the best quality products that suffice the needs of the market.

The possibilities of using this material and the benefits from using it are endless however, to begin with we have decided to focus on the daily needs of consumer, which coincidentally is major portion of the total nuisance of plastic pollution. We have decided to enter into the market with products that will increase your convenience for shopping and also wont hurt the environment. We at Shashwat Bio-Polyplast LLP are capable of sufficing any demands that may arise for bio plastics in the packaging industry.

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